Tuesday, July 19, 2011

oh wow.

well, an internet miracle has happened. a fella named spambot13 posted a megaupload link which contains almost every vocaroo i recorded in the past. i'm still pretty goddamn amazed. some of these are almost a year old. hell, even THIS one survived. thank you baby computer jesus. also thanks spambot13, you beautiful man.

so, i uploaded quite a few of 'em to audioboo. (there's a lot i didn't upload, though.)
(linking page 2 because thats where the list begins hurf durp)

and here's the downloadable link with all of them.

people often ask me if they can use my voice stuff for animations, videos, etc. go ahead buddy, i'm fine with it. it's pretty awesome, actually. just be sure to contact me (http://www.youtube.com/user/DukeLovesYou) and gimme some credit, ya little rascal.

~bye 4 now cutiepies tehe~

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

aw fudge.

hi. i know people still send this link around when i'm mentioned in threads, so here's some bad news:

all of my vocaroo links are gone. i know a few of them still exist, but basically besides that, they've all been automatically deleted. it's sort of a bummer, but i'm glad people enjoyed them. i never downloaded any of them, because i didn't really care enough at the time to do so. that was a mistake.

so yeah, it sucks, but they survived long enough.

i haven't posted on /co/ or anywhere else for a long time due to shitty personal issues. life is pretty bad right now.

i also made a youtube months ago, which a huge amount of people subscribed to, even though i still haven't made anything. that was flattering.

i desperately want to start making stuff, but i'm not feeling those creative juices flowing at the moment. depression does that to ya. hopefully soon though, i'll become productive. 

so thanks for all the kindness and support in the past. it seriously meant a lot to me.

bye for now, pals.